At least once during the semester, our Learning Community expects you to participate in one service event (2-hr commitment) that emphasizes nursing and/or the hard sciences. A large component of your Final Portfolio grade will be awarded to those students completing the service obligation. Please review the different events and decide which one would work best for you!

You must be able to submit proof of your registration for volunteering & a selfie that clearly demonstrates your participation in the event

Coastal Bend Regional Science FairClick hereJan 27/28Sign up by Jan 20 @ 5pm
Science OlympiadClick hereMar 4Sign up by Feb 15 @ 5pm
The Big EventClick hereMar 25Sign up by Feb 28

SNA - Spring 2017 - Volunteer Opportunities

FYI, Professor Crocker will be volunteering, too!

  • Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair - Prof. Crocker will volunteer 27Jan_2:00-4:30pm; 28Jan_8:00-10:30am
  • The Big Event - Prof. Crocker plans to attend - she will work toward secure a volunteer venue that is relevant to your field of study