A&P II LC: Seminar Plans and Key Due Dates

1TJan 17----First day of semester is Jan 18th!
 RJan 19Intro to Seminar-- 
 FJan 20----Registration deadline (5pm): Coastal Bend Science Fair
2TJan 24Syllabus/Time Management8:00am: Personality Test - Screen Shot due (details) 
 RJan 26Class Introductions8:00am: "Selfie" PPT slide due (details) 
 FJan 27----Coastal Bend Science Fair
 SaJan 28----Coastal Bend Science Fair
3TJan 31Teams Announced

Team Charter
 RFeb 02Presentation "model"

Team Work
4TFeb 07Team Conferences:

No Seminar
Be on time and prepared! (details)A&P: Lecture Quiz 1

SNA Meeting @ 1pm
 RFeb 09Team Conferences:

No Seminar
Be on time and prepared! (details) 
5TFeb 14Advising Visit (Dr. Kirk)Review Groups A & B - 8:00pm: EXAM 1 Review due (details) 
 WFeb 15----Registration Deadline: Science Olympiad

Application Deadline: TAMU-CC BSN
 RFeb 16Article PresentationsResearch Teams _ & _ - 8:00am: Article Presentation PPT due (details)A&P: Lecture Review Group Presents

A&P: Lecture Quiz 2
 SaFeb 18----Islander ROTC 5K

SNA Homecoming Tailgate (4-7pm) @ American Bank Center parking lot
6TFeb 21EXAM 1 Review A&P: EXAM 1
 RFeb 23Article PresentationsResearch Teams _ & _ - 8:00am: Article Presentation PPT due (details)

11:00pm: Mid-Term Portfolio submission period OPENS (details)
7TFeb 28Library Resources

Teamwork: Proposal
8:00am: Mid-Term Portfolio submission period CLOSES (details) 
 WMar 01----Meet & Greet: Nursing Department

Career Fair for All Majors
 RMar 02APA

Teamwork: Proposal
 SaMar 04----Science Olympiad
8TMar 07Proposal In-Class Conferences8:00pm: Proposal Draft due (details)SNA Meeting @ 1:00pm
 RMar 09Stress Management A&P: Lab: Practical 1
10TMar 21Panel - Nursing Students  
 RMar 23Island Hall 265

Advising Visit (Dr. Kirk)
8:00pm: Final Proposal due (details)A&P: Lecture Quiz 3
 SaMar 25----The Big Event
11TMar 28EXAM ReviewReview Groups C & D - 8:00am: EXAM 2 Review due (details)A&P: EXAM 2
 RMar 30Dugan Center - Izzy Room for Meditation & Yoga  
12TApr 04Advising Conferences:

No Seminar
 SNA Meeting @ 1pm
 RApr 06Advising Conferences:

No Seminar
 FApr 07----Last Day to DROP
13TApr 11Triad: Team Work Day

Dyad: Resume Writing

DYAD only: Resume Rough Draft due at end of class
 RApr 13Interview Prep  
14TApr 18University Center - Mock Interview Session

DYAD only: 8:00am - Resume Final Draft due
 RApr 20Closure & Survey

(Time permitting - Triad: Team Work Day)
15TApr 25Advising Conference "Make-Up"

No Seminar
 RApr 27Attend FYRC (optional, replaces a Seminar absence or acts as bonus)

No Seminar
 A&P: Lab: Practical 2

A&P: Lecture Quiz 4
16TMay 02EXAM ReviewReview Groups E, F & G - 8:00am: EXAM 3 Review due (details)

8:00pm - Advising Conference "proof" due on Blackboard - (details)

8:00pm - Optional submission of FYRC evaluation sheet due

SNA Meeting @ 1pm
 RMay 04----Last day of courses is May 2nd!

May 10 (Wed) @ 8:00pm - FINAL PORTFOLIO DUE (details)

FINALS WEEK: May 4-5, 8-10

BIOL 240204May_Thurs_1:45-4:15pmFINAL EXAM - ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY
COMM 1311 - Sec 04209May_Tues_11:00-1:30pmFinal? Check with Mr. Tyra
COMM 1311 - Sec 04109May_Tues_1:45-4:15pmFinal? Check with Mr. Tyra