Conferences will be student-led with the expectations that you present your learning process, give constructive feedback to your peers, and clarify any gaps in understanding about course expectations. You must come prepared to:

1. Demonstrate your progress on your Mid-Term Portfolio:

  • You must bring two pieces of evidence showing support for two different learning outcomes
    • One piece of evidence should be a "favorite" illustrating your process of achievement
    • One piece of evidence should be a "work-in-progress" illustrating your struggles or challenges
  • Show and explain to the group your reflective process about how you have expanded your learning for those two outcomes
    (If your pieces of evidence are digital, make sure to bring your laptop and be prepared to show us)

2. Listen to your peers and provide constructive feedback about how they can communicate their learning process in a clear, effective manner.

  • View this as an opportunity to discover or strengthen alternate methods of learning
  • Please keep our discussions of professionalism and respect in mind when interacting with your peers

3. Engage your learning community instructors with questions and points of clarification about the Mid-Term Portfolio or any other assignment/course requirements

  • Please take the time to look at the syllabi, list of assignments, due dates, grades, etc. to identify areas of concern not only in Composition and Seminar, but in your other coursework as well.

Key Logistics for Conferences:

  • Click here to view your time slot
    • 9/28 Conferences are held in FC 107
    • 9/30 Conferences are held in FC 207
  • Seminar is canceled on 9/28
  • Composition is canceled on 9/28
  • Composition is canceled on 9/30