Summary of Symposium Research and Poster Presentation Guidelines

You will work individually or in pairs to become subject matter experts on a topic that in some way relates to the field of Geology. You are free to emphasize other connections as well depending on where your interests lie, but you should clearly highlight the connection to Geology within your topic. You will emphasize that connection by preparing a tri-fold research poster and an oral presentation, and you will ultimately deliver this scientific poster presentation not only to your peers during Mock Symposium, but to faculty, students, and other invited guests at First-Year Symposium.

Expectations for Working Individually or in Pairs


  • Final Product:
  • Sources:
    • Minimum of 5 reputable sources


  • Final Product
  • Sources:
    • Minimum of 7 reputable sources
    • Your project (poster & presentation) must highlight a peer-reviewed scientific article about your topic

Benchmark Assignments, Mock Symposium, and First-Year Symposium (Plus the rest of Seminar!) - Click here for a CALENDAR View

Content Outline PowerPoint (PPT) & Presentations - October 31st

  • Content Outline PPT - Assignment Details
    • DUE on Blackboard at 2:00pm on October 31st
    • Title Slide
    • Content Outline Slide
      • Walk us through a brief outline of what you plan to include in your poster presentation
    • Key Figures Slide(s)
      • Include 3 key figures that you plan to put on your poster
    • Works Cited Slide
  • Seminar (in-class) Presentation - Assignment Details
    • During Seminar on October 31st
    • Using the PPT you submitted (above), you will present an overview of the material for your Symposium poster presentation
    • 1-2 minutes per individual/pair
  • Grading: Counts towards your Attendance/Participation grade for 10/31

Poster Mock-Up - November 2nd

  • Poster Mock-up - Assignment Details
    • DUE at end of Seminar (3:00pm) on November 2nd
    • Using hand-drawn diagram(s) and/or Word Doc/PPT slide(s), show the layout of your poster. Include the following:
    • Poster Guidelines
  • Grading: Counts towards your Attendance/Participation grade for 11/2

Seminar will NOT meet on November 9th - Online Assignment instead (see next)

Oral Presentation Outline - November 10th

  • Oral Presentation Outline - Assignment Details
    • DUE on Blackboard by 11:59pm on November 10th
    • Start with this document: Basic Outline for an Informative Speech
      • Adapt the outline to your specific research topic and poster presentation
      • Try to make as detailed as possible for your own preparation for Mock Symposium
  • Grading: Counts as your entire grade for Attendance/Participation for 11/9

Mock Symposium - November 14th & 16th

  • Mock Symposium - Assignment Details
    • During Seminar on November 14th & 16th
    • You will deliver your final oral and poster presentation to the class
      • Poster presentations are expected to be complete and to meet the standards set for the oral presentation and poster specifications
      • Use note cards, as needed, to help you present
      • Do not read straight off your cards or your poster board
      • Do not bring sheets of paper (or your phone) up with you
    • No need to dress up
    • Attendance mandatory on both November 14th & 16th
      • Schedule of presentations found on Blackboard
    • APA Style
  • Grading: Counts as 10% of your overall grade for Seminar

First-Year Symposium - November 30th

  • First-Year Symposium - Assignment Details
    • Attendance mandatory on November 30th (Seminar will not formally meet as a class)
  • Schedule of presentations found on Blackboard
  • 1-hour commitment
    • 30-minutes for your presentation window
    • 30-minutes to conduct peer review
  • Business casual attire - discuss with your partner if applicable
  • Grading: Counts as 10% of overall grade in Seminar AND Geology