• Let's start with a little role playing...
    • Can I have two volunteers?

The "Bones" of the Team Charter

What do the following phrases mean to you in the context of group work?

  • "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
  • "Failing to plan is planning to fail"
  • Definition:
    • A brief, informal document that describes the "big picture" goals and priorities of the project
  • Official Purpose:
    • To have a written statement of the team's priorities and norms that the team can use to resolve any problems or confusion that may occur later in the project
  • Unofficial Purpose:
    • To air any differences that the team members may have in goals, expectations, and commitment levels before the project begins

The "Meat" of the Team Charter

  1. Self-reflection: Fill out the worksheet
  2. Come together as a group
  • Pick a team name
  • Begin fleshing out your ideas and writing your Team Charter

Specific Requirements for the Team Charter:

  • Date and duration of contract
  • Team members (first and last name)
  • Team name (nothing R-rated or derogatory)
  • Statement of professional code of conduct
  • Roles and Responsibilities for each team member
  • Meeting Times (outside of class)
  • Assignments and due dates (see Assignments & Grades)
  • Overall, broad team goals for the Symposium
  • Measurable, specific team goals
  • Personal goals
  • Individual level of commitment
  • Rules and expectations
  • Conflict resolution procedures (Very important- no one may be kicked out!)
    • Statement of how the team will resolve impasses
    • Statement of how the team will resolve missed deadlines
    • Statement of what constitutes unacceptable work and how the team will handle this
  • Suggestions for encouraging compliance with contract
  • Any other information you feel is needed to ensure that everyone works as a mutually supportive team to complete class presentations and final poster assignment.

Key Logistics:

  • The Finalized Team Charter is DUE on September 25th @ 11:59pm
    • Upload to your Seminar_Team Folder on OneDrive
  • The contract should be formatted as such
  • Evaluation