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  • Keep bringing your laptop to Seminar! You will need it if you want to get your assignments done in class.

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Reading & Reflection: Regarding the Portfolio

What is this thing called "OneDrive"?

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Symposium and Research Requirements

  • Now begins a series of due dates to help propel your research and keep you on track as we prepare for the First-Year Symposium

Assignment: Research Update 1 - Due 18 Sep @ 8pm
Discover what interests you in the fields of geology and/or environmental science. Focus on two distinct topics that you might be interested in exploring more for your Symposium project. For each topic, identify 3 articles that show clear relevance to the topic and accessible information (so, 6 articles in total). I suggest utilizing Science or Nature magazines for your search, though you are not limited to these sources. Key Logistics: Download PDF versions of the articles and submit to your personal Seminar OneDrive folder by Sep 18 @ 8pm.

In-Class Research

  • Need a refresher on what we learned at the library? Then revisit the database tutorial from the library

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