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Time Management Check - The Next 2-3 Weeks

11/15SeminarIn-Class "Rough Draft" Poster Presentation
11/152:00-3:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
11/1610:00am-12:00pmDr. Val's Office Hours - CS 205
11/1611:00am-12:00pmSI session - EN 103
11/164:00-5:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
11/1611:59pmGeology Connect Homework due
11/1712:30pmGeology Exam 3
11/189:00-10:00amSI session - CI 112
11/214:00-5:00pmSI session - CS 114
11/22via BlackboardEarthquake Exercise due for Geology
11/29Seminar timeSymposium
12/411:59pmFinal Portfolio due
12/511:59pmConnect Homework due

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