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BUY your tri-fold POSTER now!

  • Office Depot, Walmart, Target, online, etc.
  • You will be using it to present on November 15th!

Time Management Check - The Next 2-3 Weeks

11/82:00-3:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
11/910:00am-12:00pmDr. Val's Office Hours - CS 205
11/911:00am-12:00pmSI session - EN 103
11/94:00-5:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
11/911:59pmSymposium PPT Slides due
11/10No SeminarClass cancelled due to individual conferences
11/119:00-10:00amSI session - CI 112
11/11by 5:00pmDROP DATE
11/144:00-5:00pmSI session - CS 114
11/15SeminarIn-Class "Rough Draft" Poster Presentation
11/1611:59pmGeology Connect Homework due
11/1712:30pmGeology Exam 3
11/22via BlackboardEarthquake Exercise due for Geology

Vanessa's Reminders?

Class Plans:

Mid-Term Letter Grades

  • Posted on SAIL
  • Please check your email! For those of you who have not communicated with me at all, you will soon lose any opportunity to submit incomplete assignments.

APA Style

  • Do not allow yourself to violate the Honor Code by plagiarizing
  • You are presenting in a public forum, so it especially important to be detail-oriented and format your citations correctly according to APA formatting guidelines.

The Beauty of Presenting

Game Plan for First-Year Symposium
Objective: Make a poster and verbal presentation depicting your team's research topic

1. Make a PowerPoint that includes all of the content for the Poster (due November 9th @11:59pm)

  • Click here to view all of the details for the Symposium PPT slides (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

2. Present a rough draft of the poster presentation during Seminar on November 15th

  • Click here to view all of the details for the In-Class Poster Presentation & Peer Review (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

3. Present a final draft of the poster presentation at Symposium on November 29th

  • Click here to view all of the details for Symposium (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

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