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Time Management Check - The Next 2 Weeks

10/182:00-3:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
10/1910:00am-12:00pmDr. Val's Office Hours - CS 205
10/1911:00am-12:00pmSI session - EN 103
10/194:00-5:00pmErin's Office Hours - Glasscock
10/219:00-10:00amSI session - CI 112
10/2311:59pmAnnotated Bibliography due
10/244:00-5:00pmSI session - CS 114

Vanessa's Reminders?

Class Plans:

Please allow me 2 weeks (until October 30th) to finalize grades and feedback for the Mid-Term Portfolio. I will try to have it done before then, but no guarantees!

The procedure for submitting a grade adjustment for an individual team member has been posted under the Feedback link (see left sidebar).

Conference Sign-Up

  • Sign up for time slots beginning Oct 20th at 2pm (and onwards)

By the end of class, I highly suggest that each group should turn in a rough draft of their Annotated Bib including 5 sources.

  • Please look carefully at the requirements for the assignment!
  • You must assign a final editor for the AB, your grade depends upon it.

Links for In-Class

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