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Time Management Check - The Next 2 Weeks

  • Dr. Val's Office Hours: W 10am-noon - CS 205
  • SI session: W 11am-noon - EN 103
  • Erin's Office Hours: W 4-5pm - Glasscock
  • SI session: F 9-10am - CI 112
  • 10/2: Team Charter due @ 11:59pm
  • 10/5: Exam 2 Review PPT due @ 11:59pm
  • 10/11: Geology Exam 2

Regarding the Homework due date of October 16th - Yes, you should still do it before the exam!

Feedback (see left sidebar) for Research Update 2 is up

  • Remember, if you have a "0" in Blackboard for these assignments, it probably means one of two things: 1) you did not do the assignment, OR 2) you did not submit your assignment to your Seminar folder, meaning I can't see it.
    • Either way, you should talk to me or email me about it! I'm eager to help!

Feedback (see left sidebar) for the Proposal will be up soon

Vanessa's Reminders

Class Plans:

New Format for Exam Reviews

Regarding Symposium

Symposium Teams Announced - 330/11am; 331/2pm

Team Charter & Topic Proposal Considerations

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