What else can I do?

Besides seeing a doctor and a counselor, you can also help your depression by being patient with yourself and good to yourself. Donít expect to get better immediately, but you will feel yourself improving gradually over time.

Daily exercise, spending time outside in nature and in the sun, and eating healthy foods can also help you feel better. Get enough sleep. Try to have consistent sleep habits and avoid all-night study sessions. Your counselor may teach you how to be aware of your feelings and teach you relaxation techniques. Use these when you start feeling down or upset. Avoid using drugs and at least minimize, if not totally avoid, alcohol. Break up large tasks into small ones, and do what you can as you can; try not to do too many things at once. Try to spend time with supportive family members or friends, and take advantage of campus resources, such as student support groups. Talking with your parents, guardian, or other students who listen and care about you gives you support. Try to get out with friends and try fun things that help you express yourself. As you recover from depression, you may find that even if you donít feel like going out with friends, if you push yourself to do so, youíll be able to enjoy yourself more than you thought.