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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

These Graduate Projects can be viewed alphabetically or they can be searched based on the
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28Eddie LambertA Simulation of a Subset of Query by ExampleDr. Mack McKinney (Chair), Dr. Roy Ellzey , Mr. David Perkins Details  

43Edwin T. Cooke IIIInteractive Order Entry System on IBM System/38Dr. Roy S. Ellzey (Chair), Charlotte Ann Busch , Allen Bush Details  

83Elizabeth L. RealThe Social Security Administration's Postentitlement Workload - A Data Base ProjectMr. W. Allen Bush (Chair), Dr. Roy Ellzey , Mrs. Charlotte Busch Details  

116Elena LaraUser Retrieval SystemDr. Ray S. Ellzey (Chair), William Allen Bush , David Perkins Details  

127Edgar B. Reeves Jr.Algebraic Simplifier Incorporating Non-Standard AnalysisDr. David E. Leasure (Chair), Dr. David R. Thomas , Dr. George D. Tintera Details  

176Elizabeth R. PiantaThe Design and Implementation of an Electronic Document-Management System for Office AutomationDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. R. Stephen Dannelly , Dr. Michelle Moore Details  

216Eunjoon HwangImage Fusion SystemDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. John Fernandez Details  

312Eduardo ArceUse of Forensic Software Tools to Acquire Evidence from Mobile DevicesDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , Dr. David Thomas Details  

355error record11 (Chair), 1 , 1 Details