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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

These Graduate Projects can be viewed alphabetically or they can be searched based on the
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9John Stephen McCampbellExpenditure Forecasting Model for an IBM 370-125 Computernone listed (Chair), none listed , none listed Details  

24James K. FugateAutomatic Code and Screen Generation Visual Display of Satellite Location Interactive Control of GraphicsMr. Robert Diersing (Chair), Mrs. Nancy Cameron , Dr. Roy Ellzey Details  

26James Randolph FricksA Bulletin Board System For the Cromemco Computernone listed (Chair), none listed , none listed Details  

27Jerry HeiermanBasic Guitar ReviewDr. Mack Mckinney (Chair), Dr. Roy Ellzey , Dr. Robert Diersing Details  

46Joseph P. KmetModel for Determining the Appropriate Nutritional Formula for Patients with Varying Classes of IllnessMr. A. Bush (Chair), Mr. R. Diersing , Mr. D. Perkins Details  

52Joe V. HollandVocational Education Reporting Systemn/a (Chair), n/a , n/a Details  

58Judith TejanAnalysis of Evaluations of Inservice Workshops for Education Service Center, Region IIDr. Joe Loter (Chair), David Perkins , Allen Bush Details  

62Jorge Cereijo CaceiroGraphics LibraryMr. Robert Diersing (Chair), Dr. Naina Duran , Mr. David C. Perkins Details  

63Jean M. MarkowskiOn-line Time Sheet ProjectNancy Cameron (Chair), Allen Bush , Carol Binkerd Details  

78Judith WhitlockTest Generator with Test Bank for Computer Mathematics IMrs. Charlotte Busch (Chair), Mr. Wm. Allen Bush , Dr. David R. Thomas Details  

84Julia McLauchlinIntroduction to Xenix - A Computer Aided Instruction PackageMs. Charlotte Busch (Chair), Mr. Allen Bush , Dr. Roy Ellzey Details  

108Jeffrey ClaunchGroundwater Flow Modeling SystemDr. Roy S. Ellzey (Chair), Ms. Charlotte Busch , Dr. Alan Berkebile Details  

112Jerry ParleeAn Intergrated Business System for a Small Tutoring ServiceAllen Bush (Chair), Herbert Haynes , David Thomas Details  

130Jigna ShahWeather Information Systemn/a (Chair), n/a , n/a Details  

132Joe K. NixA records and reporting system for computer-related trainingDr. R. Stephen Dannelly (Chair), Dr. Mario A. M. Guimaraes , Dr. Holly Patterson Details  

151John M. SaenzReceipt-and-Report Database SystemDr. Mario Guimaraes (Chair), Dr. Holly Patterson , Dr. David Thomas Details  

156James Keith LeeperVT320 Terminal EmulatorDr. R. Stephen Dannelly (Chair), Dr. Mario Guimaraes , Dr. David R. Thomas Details  

163James LozanoThe Implementation of an Interpreter for the Mini-Language CoreDr. Holly Patterson-McNeill (Chair), Dr. R. Stephen Dannelly , Dr. Aaron Brown Details  

167JianJun ZhuE-Plan Database SystemDr. Patrick R. Michaud (Chair), Dr. Steven Barnes , Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill Details  

168Juan J. CantuEducational Software Web SiteDr. Mario A. Guimaraes (Chair), Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill , Mrs. Charlotte Busch Details  

185J. Frederick BrabhamDevelopment of a Cross-Platform, Translatable, Personalized Web Service For Training Air Wing Four's Training Management System 2Dr. Michelle Moore (Chair), Dr. David R. Thomas , Dr. Dulal Chandra Kar Details  

192Jonathan Scott DuffCBIML: A Markup Language for Scientific Data SetsDr. Patrick R. Michaud (Chair), Dr. Michelle Moore , Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill Details  

203Jin T. BohannonDesign and Implementation of An Accounting Database Assistance SystemDr. Dulal Chandra Kar (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Roberto de Magalhaes Details  

212Jermy D. ZapataA Learning Aggregator - A Bayesian Classification System For Online SyndicationDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Dulal C. Kar Details  

236Jessica TishmackEnvironmental Data Retrieval SystemDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Stephen Dannely Details  

252Jasbir S. ParmarNetwork Intrusion Detection Using EagleX and Securepoint NuzzlerDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Long-zhuang Li , Dr. David Thomas Details  

269Jessica M. DickVisualization of Environmental data in the Nueces BayDr. Scott King (Chair), Dr. John D. Fernandez , Dr. Alex Sadovski Details  

283Jayanthi R KalvemulaResearch, Analysis and Efficiency measurement for Email and Spam Detection/PreventionDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David thomas , Dr. Long-zhuang Li Details  

305Joseph NalluriPeer to Peer Database Integration using Piazza Dr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Dr. David Thomas Details  

327Jason PicarazziPosition Tracking and Visualization System for a SensorDr Scott King (Chair), Dr David Thomas , Dr Micheal Scherger Details  

353Jose Javier Escobar UstaresA FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF NETWORK SECURITY LOGS ON A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Hongyu Guo , Dr. Longzhuang Li Details  

413Johan EmerensianaA Prototype Android Food Ordering ApplicationDr. Ajay K. Katangur (Chair), Dr. Scoot A. King , Dr. Dulal Kar Details