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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

These Graduate Projects can be viewed alphabetically or they can be searched based on the
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37Karen W. MellonAn On-line Bibliographical Search and Retrieval SystemDr. Roy S. Ellzey (Chair), Dr. David R. Thomas , Richard Marcum Details  

45Kim L. BonifaceParts Catalogue Sub-systemDavid R. Thomas (Chair), Roy S. Ellzey , David Perkins Details  

57Kathryn Ogedn PayneGraphical Display of Whole Orbit Type 1 Telemtry From UOSAT-OSCAR-9Mr. Robert Diersing (Chair), Dr. Joe Loter , Dr. David Thomas Details  

79Kern BlackburnContinuing Professional Education - Report GeneratorNancy Cameron (Chair), Allen Bush , Dr. James Fugate Details  

109Kuo-Yu TrubeHi-Light International, Inc. Management Information SystemDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. Herbert Haynes , Mr. Allen Bush Details  

165Kelli Mierzwa TodorovMedical Manager Word-Processing InterfaceDr. Holly Patterson-McNeill (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Mario Garcia Details  

195Kevin NelsonAn Automated System for Administering and Scoring the Strategies for Case Supervision Assessment InstrumentDr. David Thomas (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Ms. Nancy Cameron Details  

204Krishna B. VommiInventory Control Using Pocket PCDr. R. Stephen Dannelly (Chair), Dr. Dulal C. Kar , Dr. David Thomas Details  

211Krishna Reddy DaggulaWinFind, A Tool to Measure the Bandwidth of Asymmetric Links on InternetDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Dr. David Thomas Details  

253Kiran JanaDesign and Implementation of Online Grading & Traking SystemDr. Dulal C. Kar (Chair), Dr. John D. Fernandez , Dr. Mario Garcia Details  

260Kiran JanaDesign and Implementation of Online Grading & Tracking SystemsDr. Dula C. Kar (Chair), Dr. John D. Fernandez , Dr. Mario Garcia Details  

263Karthik DuraisamyDesign and Implementation of a Visualization, Statistical and Analysis Tool for Comparison of Atmospheric Model Predictions of the Gulf of MexicoDr. Mario Al. Garcia (Chair), Dr. Philippe Tissot , Dr David R. Thomas Details  

267Krishna K MoluguDesign, Efficiency Measurement and Comparative Analysis of a Dynamic Web User InterfaceDr. John D. Fernandez (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Long-zhuang Li Details  

277Krishna BoddugariTIGCALL: Call Center Management SoftwareDr. Dulal C. Kar (Chair), Dr. Li Long-Zhuang , Prof. Charlotte Busch Details  

287Kiran VuppalaPrototype Design of Air Ticket Purchase Application For Symbian OS Based Smart PhonesDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , Dr. David Thomas Details  

301Kevin A. KrauseIndroducing Shades of Gray into an Otherwise Black and White World: The Consideration of Ethics Education in the Graduate Information Assurance CurricDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Ahmed Mahdy Details  

325Kithsiri WijewardenaScript-Based Animation of Human MovementDr Scott King (Chair), Dr David Thomas , Dr Hongyu Guo Details  

390Kamalendar Reddy KothaVisual Cryptography Tool for Embedded Halftoned SharesDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Dulal Kar Details  

416Kiran Kumar VelineniAnswering “Who is” Questions using Semantic Tag CloudsDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Ajay Katangur , Dr. Scott A. King Details  

432Kien H. DinhBlue Sky: A side-scroller computer gameDr. Scott A. King (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

457Keerthi Reddy MuthyalaImplementation of a Prototype for a Real-Time Monitoring, Detecting and Alarming System in Computer NetworksDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

511Kankipati Laxmi TrijaniA Customizable Travel Application- “Travel-It”Dr. Ahmed Mahdy (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

531Kusa Koushik ReddyVideo Steganography Using Clustering AlgorithmDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr.Ajay Katangur , - Details