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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

These Graduate Projects can be viewed alphabetically or they can be searched based on the
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4Ling May ChiuDental Clinic Management SystemR. Diersing (Chair), C. Busch , D. Perkins Details  

6Lois Austin DahlbergPilot Plant Microcomputer System User and Programmer Manualnone listed (Chair), none listed , none listed Details  

22Linda L. ThomasWKHOURSDr. Roy S. Ellzey (Chair), Mr. David Perkins , Mr. Allen Bush Details  

49Leigh W. BradburyNaval Air Training Command Resource Planning System Distribution ModuleMr. David Perkins (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Mr Robert Diersing Details  

50Larry D. LeeBeverage Controllern/a (Chair), n/a , n/a Details  

60Lee EngleSound Recording Inventory SystemMr. Robert J. Diersing (Chair), Dr. Roy S. Ellzey , Dr. David R. Thomas Details  

86Lyle J. BurnhamNaval Air Training CommandDr. Herbert Haynes (Chair), Jim Litz , Cory Allsop Details  

95Laura H. MonetteA Microcomputer Program for Interactive Decline Curve AnalysisDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. Herbert Haynes , Dr. David Thomas Details  

98LT A. L. M.T. McLean IIIIntegrated Curriculum Management SystemDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. Roy Ellzey , Dr. Herbert R. Haynes Details  

107LT Jeffrey S. RobertsonOperational Tracking SystemDr. Patrick R. Michaud (Chair), Dr. Roy S. Ellzey , Mr. Allen Bush Details  

139Lei LuThe Water-Wave Signal AnalysisDr. David Thomas (Chair), Dr. Mario Guimaraes , Dr. Holly Patterson Details  

205Leonardo F. DuarteExpert System for Diagnosis and Treatment of DiabetesDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. John Fernandez, Dr. Steve Ponder Details  

210Laura McCordIssues and Techniques of Data Visualization for Water Levels in the Corpus Christi BayDr. Stephen Dannelly (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , Dr. John Fernandez Details  

219Lai Fan TsuiThe Design and Implementation of a C++ NQC CenterDr. David Thomas (Chair), Dr. John Fernandez , Dr. Michelle Moore Details  

259Lakshmi PinnentiDetection and Identification of Bacterial and Parasitic Pathogens in Fish Husbandry using Web-based Expert SystemDr. Mario Al. Garcia (Chair), Dr. LongZhuang Li , Dr. David Thomas Details  

278Le LiuThe Design and Implementation of A Visual Segmentation-Based Data Extraction Algorithm on Web PagesDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , Dr. Ajay Katangur Details  

313Lucas A. WilsonComparision of Various Scheduling Techniques in a Tightly-Coupled Multicomputer EnvironmentDr. Michael Scherger (Chair), Dr. John Fernandez , Dr. David Thomas Details  

356Long HuynhLow-cost Solutions for Making Hands-free Video Games Dr. Scott A. King (Chair), Dr. Ahmed M. Mahdy , Dr. Michael Scherger Details  

381Linh Manh PhamReal-time Web-based Hyperspectral Data Viewing and ModelingDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu (Co-Chair) , Dr. David Thomas Details  

503Latheesh VirupakshiAn Android Application for College Library SystemsDr. Ajay Katangur (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

513Lakshmi GottumukkalaAndroid Application Prototype for Attendance, Grades and Health Care ServicesDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

526Lubo ZhouIMPROVEMENT OF THE FIREFLIES-KMEANS CLUSTERING ALGORITHMDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Ajay Katangur , - Details