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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

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18Nicolas Curiel, Jr.A Computerized System For Economic Analysis of an Electric Utility's Power Generation Expansion PlansJ. W. Anderson (Chair), Joe C. Loter , John M. Carpenter Details  

39Nancy Lee CameronSLSLS A Student Loan Subsidiary Ledger SystemDr. Roy S. Ellzey (Chair), Dr. Joe C. Loter , Dr. Wilfred Rylander and Mr. Bill Vaughn Details  

117Norman L. MooreMathis Independent School District Library Information SystemDr. Herber R. Haynes (Chair), Dr. Roy S. Ellzey , Prof. William Allen Bush Details  

134Nancy BircherThe Design and Implementation of a Digital Foreclosure Assistantn/a (Chair), n/a , n/a Details  

145Na Li (Lina)Cost Tracking SystemDr. Patrick Michaud (Chair), Dr. Holly Patterson , Dr. Herbert Haynes Details  

160Nikolay T. TodorovSouth Texas Interactive Nursing Georaphic Information SystemDr. Patrick R. Michaud (Chair), Dr. Mario A. Guimaraes , Dr. Gary A. Jeffress Details  

209Norma Natalia NolazcoData Mining in a Real World Database ApplicationDr. Michelle Moore (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Dr. David Thomas Details  

257Naresh Kumar Peapully ShroffTask Management System on Pocket PCDr. Dulal C. Kar (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Dr. Long-zhuang Li Details  

273Nimita MukherjeeIntelligent Tool for Consumer Decision SupportDr. John Fernandez (Chair), Dr. David R. Thomas , Dr. Long-Zhuang Li Details  

302Narayanan Srinivasan WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR AN Dr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Ahmed Mahdy , Dr. Longzhuang Li Details  

303Nazia EsmaeilikhatirA Compiler for a Parallel Associative Computing ModelDr. Michael Scherger (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Hongyu Guo Details  

386Nagarjuna PaletiComputing Optical Properties of Different Media using Hyperspectral Imaging SystemDr. Ahmed Mahdy (Chair), Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu (Co-Chair) , Dr. David Thomas Details  

403Nithisha RepakaTool for Secure File Transfer and Intrusion Detection in a NetworkDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Ajay Katangur , Dr. John Fernandez Details  

412Nhu VoA Multi-Threshold Based Scheme for Audio SteganographyDr. Dulal C. Kar (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Ahmed Mahdy Details  

419Naga Sandeep ThatipallySimulation of Secure Data Storage Using Third Party Auditor (TPA)Dr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Long-zhuang Li , Dr. David Thomas Details  

439Nikhil Srinivas KomatireddyDisaster Detection and Reporting System through Analysis of Twitter TweetsDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

458Niharika MedaboinaImplementation of Cloud Repository for Secure Data SharingDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr. Longzhuang Li , - Details  

460Nikitha Reddy UdumulaA Location Aware Quality of Service (QoS) Based Recommendation System for Web ServicesDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , - Details  

477Nizamuddin MohammedCall Answering Malicious Application to Understand Vulnerability of Android Telephony FrameworkDr. Ajay Katangur (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , - Details  

506Naveen ChadaWeb Application Security and Response SystemDr. Dulal Kar (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

518Narendra Kumar Reddy ObbineniEvolutionary Artificial Neural Networks For Medical Data ClassificationDr. Ajay Katangur (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details  

519Naveen Kumar Kolli SummerImplementation of Secure Payment Transaction using AES encryption with extended Visual CryptographyDr. Mario Garcia (Chair), Dr. Ajay Katangur , - Details  

520Naga Nandini Latha KaruturiSmartNotify: An Intelligent Location Based Notification System using User’s Activity and Points of InterestsDr. Long-Zhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Ajay Katangur , - Details  

530Nikitha PendyalaIslanderGo: A GPS-based Navigator for TAMUCC on Android platformDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Ajay K. Katangur , - Details