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All students receiving a Master's Degree in Computer Science must complete a graduate project as part of the degree. This page displays graduate projects that have been completed by some of our students.

These Graduate Projects can be viewed alphabetically or they can be searched based on the
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70Ted LibsonRun Ticket Oil Sales Allocation SystemNone listed (Chair), None listed , None listed Details  

105Terry E. BeckA Data Acquisition Program For a Multi-Channel Analog Data LoggerDr. David R. Thomas (Chair), Dr. Roy S. Ellzey , Mrs. Nancy Lee Cameron Details  

106Tracy D. HughesPC Token Ring NetworkMr. J. S. Fant (Chair), Dr. P. R. Michaud , Dr. H. R. Haynes Details  

113T. Andrew FarriorA Central Database for TCP/IP Based Machine Specific InformationDr. Patrick R. Michaud (Chair), Dr. Herbert R. Haynes , Mr. David Perkins Details  

119T. W. TedfordSurvey Evaluation SystemDr. Ray S. Ellzey (Chair), Prof. David C. Perkins , Dr. David E. Leasure Details  

123Thomas R. MarkingSimulated Mars MissionDr. David Leasure (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , Dr. Alexey Sadovski Details  

148Tirupathi Raju NallaparajuClient/Administrative Monitoring of the Preventive Predictive Maintainenance Expert SystemDr. R. Stephen Dannelly (Chair), Dr. Mario Andre Mayerhofer Guimaraes , Mr. Sean Connors Details  

177Tinu SinghPrototype Expert System for Diagnosis and Treatment of DiabetesDr. Holly Patterson-McNeill (Chair), Dr. Mario Garcia , Dr. Esperanza Joyce Details  

191Tao HuangPersonal Investments - Assistance SystemDr. Michelle Moore (Chair), Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill , Dr. Mario Garcia Details  

214Tarek YassinComputerized GIS for Combating Auto Theft CrimeDr. John Fernandez (Chair), Dr. Carl Steidley , Dr. Gary Jeffress Details  

295Tejashree P. TendolkarContent-Rich Web Page Segmentation (CWPS)Dr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. Dulal Kar , Dr. David Thomas Details  

494Tejaswi Reddy KolliA Prototype for Comparing Classification algorithms by mining Frequent PatternsDr. Longzhuang Li (Chair), Dr. David Thomas , - Details