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Project ID: 108
Author: Jeffrey Claunch
Project Title: Groundwater Flow Modeling System
Semester: Spring 1994
Committe Chair: Dr. Roy S. Ellzey
Committee Member 1: Ms. Charlotte Busch
Committee Member 2: Dr. Alan Berkebile
Project Description: This project is the design and implementation of a progrom to construct and execute a steady-state groundwater flow model for a confined or unconfined homogeneous aquifer. The program allows the user to either select an applicable mathematical equation, specify the boundary limits of the model, and enter required data for the computation, or load an input file containing a previously defined model and its parameters for update or revision. Prior to execution of the modeling pricess, the prigram saves the aquifer model parameters and input data, in a separate user specified file specially formatted for future use by the modeling program. At the end of execution, options are provided to save the modeling results to a file formatted for use by other graphics applications or formatted to represent the modeling grid.
Project URL:   108.pdf