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Project ID: 110
Author: Charles B. Swanner
Project Title: Data Trans -- A user Friendly File Transfer Utility
Semester: Fall 1994
Committe Chair: Dr. Herbert R. Haynes
Committee Member 1: Dr. Roy S. Ellzey
Committee Member 2: Mr. David C. Perkins
Project Description: The project is the design and implementation of a file transfer utility program called DataTrans. DataTrans copies selected records from an input to an output file, reformatting each record according to user-specified field locations. Reformatting is described in terms of fixed-length columnar fields. DataTrans provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface as the means for defining and saving data transfer information. The define and edit functions allow the user to describe the formats of one input file and one output file. The output of these functions is a binary file containing the description of transfer. This format information, along with the names of the files containing the data to be transformed and where resulting data are to be placed, provide input to the transformation function. This transformation functio performs one file transfer from the input format ot the output format given in the transfer definition. A list function provides a convenient transfer definition check and correction method. A viewing function allows the user to check transfer output, including error and rejected record logs, without leaving DataTrans. DataTrans is written using Visual Basic 3.0, in and for the MS Windows 2.1 OS. Looks like MS-Windows app.
Project URL:   110.pdf