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Project ID: 114
Author: Rafael Leal
Project Title: Energy Management Data Collection System for the Corpus Christi Army Depot
Semester: Fall 1994
Committe Chair: Dr. Herber R. Haynes
Committee Member 1: Dr. Roy S. Ellzey
Committee Member 2: Prof. William Allen Bush
Project Description: A portable Laser-Wand bar-code scanner was programmed using Universal Data Language (UDL) to read bar-coded identification characters of labels on electrical, steam, and gas meters, accept reading input, and perform calculations based on the input with minimal action from the user. The user interacts with the program mainly by making selections from lists of choices available in the menus displayed and by answering simple questions. The first time the program is placed in operation the user identifies all meters to the Laser-Wand unit. Thereafter, all the user is required to do is to input the readings shown on the meter. After all readings have been input, the user can activate the procedure to perform calculations by making a simple menu selection. All program procedures can be activated directly or indirectly from the menus displayed. Calculations and readings accumulated in the laser scanner unit can be downloaded to an ASCII file via RS 232 cable connection between an IBM-compatible personal computer and the Laser-Wand home-base unit.
Project URL:   114.pdf