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Project ID: 117
Author: Norman L. Moore
Project Title: Mathis Independent School District Library Information System
Semester: Spring 1995
Committe Chair: Dr. Herber R. Haynes
Committee Member 1: Dr. Roy S. Ellzey
Committee Member 2: Prof. William Allen Bush
Project Description: "The purpose of this project was to design and implement a menu-driven, computer-based database information system for the high school library of Mathis Independent School District. The system was designed to be used on one computer and to provide information regarding the book collection and library patrons. Information was segregated into public use of the patrons and private use of the library employees. Book searches are effected by author, title or subject matter, giving information about the book such as its availability, location, and reserve status. The librarian has exclusive access to the patron information of names, addresses, overdue books, reserved books, fines owed, and borrowing status. This exclusive access also encompasses a book's check-out date, due date, reserve status, cost, vendor's address and vendor's phone number."
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