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Project ID: 118
Author: Daniel B. Prouty
Project Title: Beach Morphology Analysis Package for X Window Systems (BMAP-X)
Semester: Spring 1995
Committe Chair: Dr. Patrick R. Michaud
Committee Member 1: Dr. Nicholas C. Kraus
Committee Member 2: Dr. Herber R. Haynes
Project Description: Beach profiles change shape over many temporal scales from hourly and seasonally to geological time frames. The beach profile is also manipulated through engineering activities such as beach nourishment, erosion and accretion at jetties, and dredging. Qualitative tools are needed to understand beach profile change for engineering and scientific purposes. This study has developed a convenient interactive graphical user interface using the X Window System on a UNIX system by which a user from any discipline can view survey data on beach profiles and beach profile change, then design cross sections for beach fill projects and automatically compute basic quantities such as beach slope and cut-and-fill volumes.
Project URL:   118.pdf