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Project ID: 122
Author: Fang Hu
Project Title: Computer Micro-Programming Level Simulator
Semester: Spring 1996
Committe Chair: Dr. Patrick R. Michaud
Committee Member 1: Mr. David C. Perkins
Committee Member 2: Dr. David E. Leasure
Project Description: This project is the development of a software simulator that simulates the hypothetical microprocessor described in Andrew S. Tenenbaums's book Structured Computer Organizaton. This simulator can execute programs written in the assembly language for this microprocessor in a subcycle, cycle and machine instruction fashion. The users of this simulator can study the operations of the microprocessor. This simulator can show the contents of the internal registers of the microprocessor and memory locations at discrete times during the simulated execution via the graphical display. This project includes an assembly language translator which can translate the assembly code of this microprocessor to the machine code and check the assembly code's validity.
Project URL:   122.pdf