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Graduate Projects


Project ID: 125
Author: Garry L. White
Project Title: Student Course Schedule Generator
Semester: Spring 1996
Committe Chair: Dr. P. Michaud
Committee Member 1: Dr. D. Thomas
Committee Member 2: Prof. N. Cameron
Project Description: The goal of this graduate project was to design and implement a program that for any student generates a class schedule using the Howard Payne University Class Schedule. The proposed generator is available at student computer stations from which the generator prompts the user for courses wanted and available times for classes. It then generates a schedule of class sections based on priorities and avoiding conflicts. All actions are done at a student computer station. The student can make adjustments and regenerate a schedule. Once a schedule is acceptable to the student, the generator prints it for the student and stores it for future use with registration. The generator was designed as a stand-alone system that also works on the NetWare v3.12 network at Howard Payne University.
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