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Project ID: 147
Author: Isabelle N. Michaud
Project Title: The Design and Implementation of the Natural-Sounds-Collection Database System
Semester: Spring 1999
Committe Chair: Dr. Carl Steidley
Committee Member 1: Dr. Robert Benson
Committee Member 2: Prof. Nancy Cameron
Project Description: This project is the design and implementation of a database system to store recordings of animals for the Conrad blucher Institute's Center for Bioacoustics. The deliverable application has been created with Microsoft Access 97 and is called the Natural-Sounds-Collection System (NSCS). The animal recordings are stored in the NSCS as digital files on compact-disk read-only memory (CD-ROM). Information associated with each recording includes species, age and gender of the animal, location and time of the recording, name and address of the observer, type of recorder and amplifier, and much more. A feature of the NSCS lets the user play the sound recordings from the database application.
Project URL:   147.pdf