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Project ID: 151
Author: John M. Saenz
Project Title: Receipt-and-Report Database System
Semester: Summer 1999
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Guimaraes
Committee Member 1: Dr. Holly Patterson
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: This project is an automated receipt-and-reporting system for the Business Office at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. The system provides cashiers and supervisors a convenient means of keeping records of receipts issued to vendors, students, University employees, and University offices and departments. In addition to producing receipts, the system generates daily and monthly reports, retrieves receipts or reports for specific dates or criteria, and stores all information pertaining to receipts. The project is a networked-database system that presents a friendly graphical user interface to enter and retrieve information in a convenient manner.
Project URL:   151.pdf