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Project ID: 159
Author: Ravinder r. Allipuram
Project Title: Prototype System for Online Shopping for Builder's Square
Semester: Fall 1999
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Andre Mayerhofer Guimaraes
Committee Member 1: Dr. R. Stephen Dannelly
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: This project is the analysys, design and implementation of an on-line, World Wide Web based, material inventory system for builder's square. The project involves the development of a database that keeps track of all the materials in the company. The database will be used to maintain a record of the material ordered by customers and materials shipped from vendors to different locations of the company. Design of this inventory system will centralize the database of the company by using the World Wide Web. The system will priovde user-friendly programs to access the database for materials at various locations.
Project URL:   159.pdf