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Project ID: 164
Author: Amit J. Gandhi
Project Title: Computer-Assisted Learning of Thermodynamics
Semester: Spring 2000
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario A. M. Guimaraes
Committee Member 1: Dr. Michelle Moore
Committee Member 2: Dr. Mirley Balasubramanya
Project Description: This project develops an interactive Web-based tool for the teaching of Chemical Thermodynamics. This tool can be used by the physics, chemistry and engineering-technology faculty in courses that contain thermodynamics as a unit. The project provides an Online self-paced learning package that incorporates tutoring and quizzes. Learning content includes simulations for visualizing thermodynamical processes. This is a platform-independent tool, which includes a database to provide flexibility for the instructor to manage questions and quizzes for learners. The instructor will be able to keep track of the student's learning processes through a statistical representation of their scores on quizzes.
Project URL:   164.pdf