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Project ID: 172
Author: Qiong Huang (Joan)
Project Title: The Design and Implementation of Web-Based e-Plan Database System
Semester: Fall 2000
Committe Chair: Dr. Patrick R. Michaud
Committee Member 1: Dr. Steven Barnes
Committee Member 2: Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill
Project Description: This project is to enhance the design and implementation of a web-based database system called 'e-Plan'. The system provides an interface for generic database manipulations via the Internet, and functions as a tool for different authorized users to generate NRT One Plan Reports and EPA-SPCCP Plan Reports, and as a reference for fire departments in the event of the release of a hazardous material. Information in the database includes general information, building information, chemical inventory, processes, vulnerability analysis, emergency plans, employee training, people information, NRT One Plan, and EPA-SPCC Plan.
Project URL:   172.pdf