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Project ID: 179
Author: David Shontz
Project Title: The Journal Place: An Interactive On-Line Shared Writing Environment for Teaching Rhetoric and Composition
Semester: Spring 2001
Committe Chair: Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill
Committee Member 1: Dr. Glenn Blalock
Committee Member 2: Dr. Michelle Moore
Project Description: "This report describes the creation of a shared writing environment to support the teaching of rhetoric. The elements of the environment include a set of writing spaces for students and a set of tools for instructors. The environment is Web-based, and is supported by the development of a database containing text and graphics. The scripting language used is PHP (PHP Personal Hypertext Processor language) and the database used is mySQL. Both are available without charge. This environment embodies and extends the principles of the Enthymematic Journal, developed by Dr. John Scenters-Zapico at the University of Texas as El Paso (Scenters-Zapico and Shontz, forthcoming), and was used in three different courses there in the Spring 2001 term. This report includes a preliminary assessment of The Journal Place in action, and a discussion of future plans and enhancements."
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