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Project ID: 182
Author: Ashwin Patel
Project Title: Library Resources-Selection System
Semester: Spring 2001
Committe Chair: Dr. R. Stephen Dannelly
Committee Member 1: Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill
Committee Member 2: Dr. Dulal Kar; Christine Shupala, MLS
Project Description: This project consists of the design and implementation of an on-line library resources-selection system for the Technical Services Department at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. The system will be used by various academic disciplines to submit their material selections via the World Wide Web. These selections are purchased and cataloged into library collections. The system is interfaced into existing library systems and will be used by library personnel to assist them in the collection updating process. The system also provides an interface on the World Wide Web, so that users from all disciplines can view desired information about the selected items. The system maintains a database that keeps information about items selected by different disciplines.
Project URL:   182.pdf