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Project ID: 197
Author: Mitch Tauzin
Project Title: Course Scheduler Application
Semester: Fall 2002
Committe Chair: Dr. Holly Patterson-McNeill
Committee Member 1: Dr. David R. Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. James K. Fugate
Project Description: The purpose of the Course Scheduler Application is to assist its planner in developing a semester course schedule for the Computer Science (CS) program of the Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CAMS) and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). This application streamlines many of the work processes utilized in developing a semester scedule. For example, a basic scheduling process entails assigning a class (i.e., course and section number) to an acceptable timeslot. An acceptable timeslot is one where no mandatory contraints are violated and the stakeholders' (scheduler, faculty) preferences are addressed to their satisfaction. This application employs a graphical user interface that mimics the current method of developing the schedule (i.e., Post-it notes on grid paper). In general, this application assists the planner during schedule development process by notifying her when a constraint is violated.
Project URL:   197.pdf