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Project ID: 200
Author: Roger Moore
Project Title: The Design and Implementation of a Sales & Marketing Database System
Semester: Summer 2002
Committe Chair: Dr. Michelle Moore
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. Dulal Kar
Project Description: This project is the design and implementation of the Retractable Techonologies, Inc. Sales and Marketing Database System. Sales representatives, customer service representatives and the managers of Retractable Technologies, Inc. (RTI) will use the system as a means of keeping track of any new and existing medical facilities that have been contacted by RTI personnel or have purchased any RTI products. The personnel using the system will be able to add new facility information or update existing facility information and generate reports concerning sales to individual facilities or geographical areas. The graphical interface contains forms that can be manipulated by the user to display data according to the user's choice.
Project URL:   200.pdf