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Project ID: 201
Author: Michael J. Starek
Project Title: The Development of an Environment for Computational Geometry Analysis of Spatial Data Sets by Interfacing Mathematica with C++
Semester: Fall 2002
Committe Chair: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 1: Dr. Mufid Abudiab
Committee Member 2: Dr. J. F. Nystrom
Project Description: Mathematica employs a communication protocal called MathLink to interacr with external programs. With MathLink, an external language, like C or C++, can be integrated with Mathematica for the development of powerful applications. This integration process is triggered by the flexibility and usability of outside languages and packages and the computing power and pre-developed algorithms and fuctions of Mathematica. C++ and the MathLink library were utilized to develop an external front end that interfaces with Mathematica's computational geomerty package for analysis of spatial data and to implement a data interpolation algorithm based upon inverse-weighted distance and the Theissen method. By creating an environment that provides direct access to Mathematica's computational geometry package, the system can be used not only as a convenient interface that masks the tedious and confusing aspects of manual interaction with Mathematica's computational goemetry package, but more importantly, as a flexible tool that can aid in solving the vast range of problems concerned with the spatial relationship of data.
Project URL:   201.pdf