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Project ID: 214
Author: Tarek Yassin
Project Title: Computerized GIS for Combating Auto Theft Crime
Semester: Fall 2003
Committe Chair: Dr. John Fernandez
Committee Member 1: Dr. Carl Steidley
Committee Member 2: Dr. Gary Jeffress
Project Description: Using Geographic Information System (GIS) in crime mapping and analysis is a new approach adopted by many law enforcement agencies. This technical report details the development and the usage of new database-and-GIS software, called Auto Theft Analyst (ATA), which leads police personnel to store consistent data and produce several maps for auto theft crimes. Many cities in the USA suffer from a severe automobile theft crisis, especially those cities close to the Canadian and Mexican borders such as Corpus Christi. ATA is database-and-GIS based software that implements a set of database utilities for storing and checking input data, and integrates another set of GIS activities for mapping manipulation. ATA uses visualization techniques to present maps of any geographical jurisdictions and store auto theft data in a certain pattern. Its purpose is to enhance the process of investigation and decision-making for auto theft crimes by deploying resources more effectively.
Project URL:   214.pdf