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Project ID: 216
Author: Eunjoon Hwang
Project Title: Image Fusion System
Semester: Fall 2003
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. John Fernandez
Project Description: The type and resolution of the hardware sensor limit the amount of detail visible in an image. Image fusion technology can enhance images and video by combining information from multiple images, multiple viewing conditions, and multiple sensors to create images with more detail and more resolution. Image fusion is the process of extracting the appropriate information from a set of images and then combining it intelligently to form a single composite image with extended information content. The image fusion process begins with two or more images that contain different representations of the same scene. They may come from different viewing conditions (bracketed focus or exposure), or even different sensors (visible and IR, CT and MRI). The images are then registered and warped to align them to a common grid. Each image is then decomposed into its elementary patterns and analyzed to determine the salient portions to be used from each image. Finally, a composite image structure is created by combining the appropriate portions of the image, then merging them into a final fused image with enhanced information and detail. C and Matlab programming environments are used to construct the image fusion system.
Project URL:   216.pdf