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Project ID: 218
Author: Richard C. Rush, Jr.
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Data Spike Detection Tool
Semester: Spring 2004
Committe Chair: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 1: Dr. James F. Nystrom
Committee Member 2: Dr. Phillipe Tissot
Project Description: In any research based on data, having accurate data is essential; as data becomes less accurate, it becomes less useful. One of the forms inaccurate data can take is that of an accidental error, or spike, where the abnormal value of a specific data point deviates significantly from the values of its surrounding data points. In this project, I implemented two signal-processing algorithms to identify data spikes in large sets of water level data. To verify the accuracy of my method, I implemented a spiked data generator and used the results of which to test the different spike detection algorithms. I then compared the results of both methods against each other.
Project URL:   218.pdf