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Project ID: 221
Author: Rahul R. Kulkarni
Project Title: Software Development for Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging System (AMIS)
Semester: Spring 2004
Committe Chair: Dr. Carl Steidley
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ray Bachnak
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: The advent of digital photography has helped the development of many imagebased applications. Digital imagery is becoming increasingly inexpensive yet providing high resolution. The Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging System (AMIS) is a project undertaken by TAMUCC with partial funding from NASA. The goal of the project is to acquire high resolution, multi-spectral aerial images as well as video along with GPS data which can be used for various applications such as marine biology, oceanography, and GIS. The project involves acquiring vertical photographs and video from cameras housed inside a small Cessna RJ-172 aircraft. The GPS data can then be synchronized with the images in real-time to simplify image post- processing. Custom software was developed to acquire the images (video) and synchronized GPS data. Delphi 5.0 is a rapid application development (RAD) software tool which was used to program the software. This paper discusses the various methods and considerations of developing the software, and the method used for image and GPS data acquisition.
Project URL:   221.pdf