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Project ID: 226
Author: WeiYu Chen
Project Title: Advanced Petroleum Recovery Solution Inc. Well-logging Digitization Software
Semester: Summer 2004
Committe Chair: Dr. Michelle Moore
Committee Member 1: Dr. John Fernandez
Committee Member 2: Dr. Dulal Chandra Kar
Project Description: The result of this project was the development of well logging digitization software for Advanced Petroleum Recovery Solution Inc. The software converts scanned well logs to vectors for input to well logging digital analysis software. It provides manual/auto tracking of well logs, rapid display of results, edit and image print capabilities and LAS standard format files. The user interface is understandable and usable. The program is a 32 bit windows program that uses MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). Most of the Windows objects use MFC built-in windows classes, such as Work Place, Tool Bar, Menu, etc. Several image processing algorithms were applied. Tracing curves on paper log images and converting these curves to corresponding numeric values are the main functions of the software.
Project URL:   226.pdf