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Project ID: 234
Author: Ravi Kiran Nitta
Project Title: Interactive Tool for Force Analysis in Machine Elements
Semester: Summer 1995
Committe Chair: Dr. R. Stephen Dannelly
Committee Member 1: Dr. Patrick R. Michaud
Committee Member 2: Dr. Prasad Gavankar
Project Description: The objective of this project was to develop an interactive tool on th eWorld Wide Web to calculate the shear force and bending moment at every point along the length of a given structural member. The calculated shear and moment were graphically represented in the form of a shear force and bending moment diagram. The input to the system is highly flexible in the selection of the type of load nad the magnitude of the force along with its position. A teaching tool is also provided to walk through each and every step of construction of these diagrams allowing the user to understand the underlying concepts of force analysis.
Project URL:   234.pdf