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Project ID: 246
Author: Samuel Amoako-Atta
Project Title: Geographic Information System Application for Preventing Port Ballast Water Bioinvasions
Semester: Spring 2005
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. Peter Kuntu-Mensah
Committee Member 2: Dr. Stacy Lyle
Project Description: Ballast water discharges are now known to be the single largest source of introduction of invasive marine species into coastal marine and estuarine environments. Currently, no single comprehensive monitoring program provides the data necessary to produce an integrated assessment of the potential for ballast-water mediated species introductions into specific ports and/or coastal regions. This project builds a geographic information systems (GIS) software application integrating, processing, and analyzing the various data sets involved in port-management of marine invasive species introductions. It includes the development of a port ballast GIS data model. A discussion of current management methods for prevention of species introductions and why GIS provides a single comprehensive platform for integrating all the data sets involved in ballast water management is presented. Results are presented with an application assessing the risk of species introductions into the the Port of Corpu Christi, Texas.
Project URL:   246.pdf