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Project ID: 248
Author: Daniel A. Longmatey
Project Title: Web-enabled Geographic Information System (GIS) for Coastal Habitat Restoration in Corpus Christi Bay
Semester: Spring 2005
Committe Chair: Dr. John Fernandez
Committee Member 1: Dr. Stacey Lyle
Committee Member 2: Dr. Peter kuntu-Mensh
Project Description: The main objective of this research project is the development of a Web-enabled geographic information system (GIS) for coastal habitat restoration projects along the near-shore areas of the Copus Christi Bay. The project is in support of Texas Coastal Management Program (CMP) efforts at providing a comprehensive spatial data framework for managing shoreline and coastal habitat restoration projects in the Corpus Christi Bay. This is a two-phase project: 1) the development of a GIS that integrates and archives all available near-shore spatial and non-spatial datasets related to the project area, and 2) the development of a Web mapping interface and tools that serve as a portal to the GIS to make it accessible to remote users of the system through a Web browser. The coastal habitat restoration geographic information system (CHRGIS) serves as a coastal data repository for coastal scientists and offers the capability for enhanced spatial data visualization and analysis within a GIS environment. The Web portal facilitates the sharing of scientific data among coastal scientists and other interest groups.
Project URL:   248.pdf