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Project ID: 251
Author: Melissa D. Krieg
Project Title: GulfBase Mosaic Project: Landsat Thematic Mapper Composite of the Coastal Gulf of Mexico and GIS Viewer
Semester: Summer 2005
Committe Chair: Dr. Carl Steidley
Committee Member 1: Dr. Grady Price Blount
Committee Member 2: Dr. Gary Jeffress
Project Description: The GulfBase regional-scale mosaic covers all coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico with seamless georectified Landsat 5 Thematic mapper imagery. although regional mosaic products have been available previously, they are limited in cost, spectral coverage, spatial resolution, or overall availability. The initial phase of creating the GulfBase Mosaic involved composting 322 individual orthorectified scenes to form one image. This mosaic will be used as a base layer and has immediate practical applications for agriculture, coastal management, watershed mapping, recreation, transportation, and industrial activities. The mosaic was created with GeoCover scenes acquired in 1990 (+/1 3 yrs) and will see service in change detection and multitemporal applications as mosaics created from the 1970 and 2000 GeoCover epochs are added. The secondary aspect of the GulfBase Mosaice project is a Web-based interface that allows real-time user access to the base image layer and subsequent geospatial products. The GulfBase Mosaic will be offered online as one of the first data products of the Harte Reasearch Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies. Because the GulfBase Mosaic was created with orthorectified images, the images from the project provide map-accurate base layers for the e4ntire region of the HRI's study. The mosaic is offered as nested sets at resolution ranging from 400 meters per pixel to the native TM resolution of 28.5 meters per pixel, depending on th euser area of interest. The Website has two channels to access the data, ArcIMS delivery and a browse and download interface. The Website also provides stand-alone lightweight GIS viewer written in Visual Basic. The software can be used with GulfBase Mosaic products and/or any other GIS data.
Project URL:   251.pdf