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Project ID: 268
Author: Gaurav Gaur
Project Title: A Tool for the Conversion of a Graphic Intensive Website to a Text browser Friendly Website
Semester: Spring 2006
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal C. Kar, Ph.D.
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. Long-zhuang Li
Project Description: The use of computers in today’s life, and World Wide Web being the source of vast array of information, accounts for a need to ensure that the design of Web pages embraces the Universal Design requirements. Universal Design calls for design flexible enough to accommodate the accessibility needs of the broadest range of computer users, and users of other telecommunications equipment, regardless of age or disability. This project is an effort to design a software tool to convert a graphic intensive web site into a text browser friendly format. It allows user to browse to the text browser Webpage which it accepts as an input, parse it and convert it into a text browser friendly Website. While doing so the requirements for the text browser friendly Website are implemented programmatically, and as such the layout of the Website, filtering of the images, list and other issues are handled automatically. Once the parsing is done the user is provided with an option to view the parsed Webpage with the text browser, Web browser, and the text pad.
Project URL:   268.pdf