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Project ID: 276
Author: Ankita Nellimarla
Project Title: Biometric AuthenticationTool for User Identification Based on Keystroke Dynamics
Semester: Summer 2006
Committe Chair: Dr. mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David R. Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. Long-Zhuang Li
Project Description: Biometric access methods for computer systems are gaining popularity because of government and corporate businesses' increased focus to secure sensitive data on computer systems and networks. Biometrics is the science of measuring a unique physical characteristic about an individual as an identification and provides a comparatively inexpensive and unobtrusive method of hardening the normal login and password process. It does not require additional hardware as it uses the existing keyboard to measure keystroke dynamics. The term keystroke dynamics is used to describe an individual's typing pattern including, latencies, key depress durations, and keystroke pressure. This pattern is fairly unique to each individual. This Graduate Project aims at investigating the validity of using typing dynamics to strengthen security in a computer system. A Keystroke Dynamics Analysis tool is developed that uses statistical analysis of a user's typing patterns to preform identity verification. Results of the program are used to confirm that Keystroke Biometric Authentication is a valid method for identity verification.
Project URL:   276.pdf