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Project ID: 291
Author: Sunil M Kilaru
Project Title: Developing Instructional Technology
Semester: Summer 2007
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal C. Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. Long-Zuang Li
Committee Member 2: Dr. Jenniger Smith-Engle
Project Description: Mobile PC applications including those for Tablet PCs are evolving as people seek new ways to be productive anywhere, anytime. A Tablet PC incorporates the convenient and intuitive aspects of natural input including using a pen and speech. The Tablet PC is an exciting new platform for education. Tablet PCs support active learning in the class. Rather than following a text, Tablet PCs allow students to explore and discover, to discuss with other students, and more carefully reflect their own learning. Digital notes increase the efficiency of students as they can carry their notes with them everywhere, and they can annotate documents. Digital ink plays an important role in this because of the flexibility that writing provides to students. The purpose of the application is to improve student learning by developing instructional technology with the use of a Tablet PC. This is achieved by adapting more directly to the Tablet PC environment. The application is Ink enabled, where a student writes on a Web browser. The Web browser application grabs the Ink and saves it on the server. The project provides an environment where students share their knowledge with each other and interact with the instructor. The application allows the instructor to structure by components of a class and effectively present information and receive information from students.
Project URL:   291.pdf