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Project ID: 292
Author: Reena Sodiny
Project Title: Cartographic Visualization of Census Data for the State of Texas
Semester: Summer 2007
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal C. Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. Joseph C. Loon
Committee Member 2: Dr. Long-zhuang Li
Project Description: In the context of geospatial data handling, the cartographic visualization process is considered to be the translation or conversion of geospatial data from a database into maps. This process is guided by “how to say what to whom, and is it effective?” applying cartographic methods and techniques such as choropleth maps, classification, color, etc. In this project a tool has been developed to display interactive cartographic maps for the state of Texas. The maps interactively provide various demographic data for the state of Texas. This tool can be used by any user for the purpose of comparing different census data across different counties for the state of Texas. This project was developed as a three tier application with a geospatial database as the data source/data provider, a middle business/logic layer which consumes the data and does the data transformation, and a user interface layer that displays the generated interactive maps to the user. The software displays interactive maps with demographic information for the state of Texas. The software provides county wide information on population, population density, number of housing units, and male/female ratios. Detailed information about each county can be obtained just by the click of a button. The software provides additional functionality to import shapefiles into a geospatial database and to display the same as maps. These maps can be added as layers one over the other. So two different shapefiles can be imported and can be seen as a single map by adding two different vector layers. The user is allowed to add any column from the database as a label over the map thus providing functionality for easy data visualization. The project was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 as the IDE. Visual Basic .net was used as the programming language. PostgreSql was used as the database. PostgreSql was chosen because of its support for the geospatial databases. ArcMap was used to create shapefiles for the state of Texas with the related demographic data.
Project URL:   292.pdf