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Project ID: 310
Author: Prashanth Gurrala
Project Title: Widgets for Mobile Devices
Semester: Fall 2008
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr. Long-zhuang Li
Project Description: A Widget is a fancy looking tiny application which makes it simpler to perform some action. It does a simple thing but does it well. Mobile widgets can maximize screen space use and may be especially useful in placing live data-rich applications on the device home-screen "phone-top”. Using Microsoft Visual Studio for mobile Applications and .NET Compact framework, developers can associate the widgets and the Web services, where the widgets consume the Web services to retrieve information that can be displayed on the screen. These Web services act as an interface between the user and the corporate database (Information like the current weather, stock exchange, RSS feeds etc.). Widgets are very good looking and can make work easier as they reside on the screen always. Instead of ending up with wallpapers, mobile devices look prettier with Widgets.
Project URL:   310.pdf