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Project ID: 316
Author: Siddhartha Dasari
Project Title: Integrating the Gulf of Mexico In-Situ Observing System
Semester: Fall 2008
Committe Chair: Dr. Long-zhuang Li
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 2: Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu
Project Description: Global-as-view approach defines the concepts in the global schema as views over different sources [Andrea Cal]. Exclusive economic zones of the Gulf of Mexico have come to an agreement to form a Gulf Of Mexico Costal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS). The aim of the GCOOS Regional Association is to help the user of marine data, products, and services concerned with the Gulf of Mexico by maintaining a regional coastal ocean observation system. This project is designed in such a way that the back end integrates the individual databases, which are in differing forms, into a generic form wherein the user can query the global database and have results produced from the individual databases. The integrating process involves checking for compatibility between the individual databases and creating a virtual database which can hold the Gulf of Mexico databases. The Gulf of Mexico databases have some fields in common and others consisting of differing data type. So the ability to integrate databases of this sort will aid in upgrading all the existing databases to a universally accepted database structure.
Project URL:   316.pdf