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Project ID: 323
Author: Aslam Shaik
Project Title: Tree Based Routing Stratergy For Super Peer Based Peer to Peer Networks
Semester: 2 2009
Committe Chair: Dr Longzhuang Li
Committee Member 1: Dr David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr Dulal Kar
Project Description: Peer to Peer (P2P) applications for searching and exchanging information over the internet are highly popular. For a long time schema based approaches are being utilized to store and retrieve data. Resource Description Framework (RDF) based P2P networks have a number of advantages compared to a simpler P2P networks such as Napster, Gnutella or with approaches based on distributed indices such as Content addressable network (CAN). RDF based P2P networks allow complex and extendable descriptions of resources, instead of fixed and limited ones and they provide complex query facilities against these metadata instead of simple keyword searches. This project is an attempt to overcome some of the challenges to build a super peer based P2P network and produce an effective routing strategy among the super peers.
Project URL:   323.pdf